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What We Wondered About Pansexual

Since “they” is added to the dictionary as a non-binary pronoun, as Merriam-Webster’s announcement on its website and Twitter. This means that the world has taken further attention to queers. Probably one day, traditional binary gender does not exist instead of more options people can choose to be.

In such a case, pansexual gets more attention which is defined as people who are attracted to all of the genders. Thus, we talked with a few people who identify as pansexual aimed to help more people know what they wonder about pansexual.

Pansexual is not new.

Look at this amazing map about how different regions recognize the genders in the past. Therefore, we know why people are called pansexual just because we make a new term of it. In the whole human history, people are always attracted to all genders in different ways.

The difference from bisexuals.

Basically we have known about bisexuals is attracted to two binary genders, but pansexual could be attracted to all genders. That sounds just expand the definition. Probably the most basic reason is that terms like homosexual and others are defined by genders, but if so, what I’m supposed to be if I’ve never met someone out of the binary gender? This may require further discussion.

Personally, pansexual is similar to bisexual, but still, exist some difference we can distinguish. Pansexual is all-encompassing, which includes more non-binary genders. In contrast to pansexual, bisexual is likely limited.

Stop making assumptions.

Some pansexual people often have trouble getting along with bi people, kink people, and sex workers. This happens to people who have expansive sexual views.

“We can attract anyone but not everyone. “, Moran said. It’s easy to be annoyed when others always make assumptions in their ways.

Pansexuals are less than you met.

Most people just think pansexual is a pretentious version of bisexual, but that usually is not true.

Due to these problems often happened, to stay from interrupts, some pansexuals prefer to identify as bisexual though.

They are not very different from us.

When we talk about relationships, there is always a prejudice about polygamy related to pansexual people. In a common way, we can make this stereotype true. Some pansexuals who are monogamy has been ruffled many times by others with such ideas.

Anyway, pansexuals are human beings like any other person. They live, work, love just like anyone does. This actually what we need to know.